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Have you ever photographed a property and said to yourself or your client, "these pictures just don't do justice to your house"?  When you look at photos of your listings, do you see very bright areas and very dark areas (uneven light) in the same picture?  Are your listing photos tilted  to one side or the other?  Do your listing photos capture more of the furniture than the actual room?  Have you taken photos of the front of your listing and wished you could have gotten up higher for a better photo?  I can help you with all of the issues mentioned above and more.  As a Real Estate Appraiser for over 20 years, I've been through countless large beautiful homes throughout the Adirondacks and the Saratoga-Capital District area.  Many times I would feel like my photos of the Great Camp or historic mansion I was appraising, just didn't capture the beauty or detail that told the story that went with my report.  I looked at the photos as just a way to "document" the property not tell a story.  I have a passion for real estate and the ever varying styles of layout or decorating that each property has.

So, do you want your marketing material to "document" your subject property or do you want to tell the story of a beautiful property?  A home that a family can identify with, get excited about, before a walk-through and picture themselves living in?  If this is the case, then I am your guy for the job.  We can work together as a team to capture "the story" of your listing and get it closed faster and for a higher price!

Please take a look at my galleries and price list and feel free to contact me with any questions!


Michael Pecora

Pecora Photo


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